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Event Coordinator

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Anjuman Sunnat Jamaat Association (ASJA) Representative

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Presbyterian Representative


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The Indian Caribbean Museum of Trinidad and Tobago wishes to express its sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of its well-wishers and friends who donated artifacts, documents, news articles, books etc. to the museum.  The Management would also like to thank all sponsors who have contributed and continue to contribute to the upkeep of this facility. 


on 29/09/2014

The Indian Caribbean Museum is dedicated to the collection, restoration and preservation of artifacts of East Indian historical importance for public viewing. If you are looking for an opportunity to help a worthy cause, why not contact us. The prospects are numerous based on your skill set.

For more information or to apply for a volunteer position, please contact:

Kamini Koonjebeharry
Telephone / Fax : 1-868-673-7007 or 1-868-460-2386
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Assistant Curator
Ann-Marie Ramhit
Telephone / Fax : 1-868-673-7007
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Print Resources

on 27/09/2014

Book Collection of 107 publications donated by Dr. Dennison Moore


Title Subtitle Author Category
The Indian Diaspora Dynamics of Migration N. Jayaram Diaspora
The Other India The Overseas Indians and Their Relationship with India F.J. Bahadur Singh Diaspora
Overseas Indians The Global Family Shubha Singh Diaspora
Theorizing and Critiquing Indian Diaspora - Kavita S. Sharma, Adesh Pal, Topas Chakrabarti Diaspora
Quest for Equality Asian Politics in East Africa Robert G. Gregory Diaspora
Shiva’s Other Children Religion and Social Identity Amongst Overseas Indians David James Mearns Diaspora
Indian Diaspora in The Caribbean - Kumar Mahabir Diaspora
Overseas Indians A Study in Adaptation George Kurian & Ram P. Srivastava Diaspora
Arya Samaj and Indians Abroad - Pt. Nardev Vedalankar and Manohar Somera Diaspora
Broken Nest - Rabindranath Tagore Fiction
A New Dominion - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Fiction
A Backward Place - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Fiction
Hungry Stones and Other Stories - Rabindranath Tagore Fiction
Gora - Rabindranath Tagore Fiction
Sacrifice - Rabindranath Tagore Fiction
The Towers of Silence - Paul Scott Fiction
A Division of the Spoils - Paul Scott Fiction
The Jewel in The Crown - Paul Scott Fiction
The Day of The Scorpion - Paul Scott Fiction
Follow the Drum - James Lensor Fiction
Untouchable - Mulk Raj Anand Fiction
Rich Like Us - Nayantara Sahgal Fiction
The Village - Mulk Raj Anand Fiction
Bengal Lancer - F.Yeats Brown Fiction
The Far Parvillions - M.M. Kaye Fiction
Bhowani Junction - John Masters Fiction
Lord Mount Batten -The Last Viceroy - David Butler Fiction
Freedom at Midnight - Larry Collins/ Dominique La Pierre Fiction
The River of Blood Story of a Revolt Against Oppression Indira Parthasarathy Fiction
Tales of the Punjab Folklore of India Flora Annie Steel Folklore
Folktales of India - Lee Wyndham Folktale
Gazetteer of Bengal and North-East India - B.C. Allen, E.A. Gait, C.G.H. Allen, H.F. Howard History
India in the Caribbean Essay, Poems and Prose 150th Anniversary of East Indians in Caribbean Dr. David Debydeen, Dr. Brinsley Samaroo History
India Photographs - Photos- D.N. Dube, Text- Jasjit Mansingh History
Democracy in India Symposium by the Form of Free Enterprise, India - History/Politics
The Indian Political System 2nd Edition Norman D. Palmer University of Pennsylvania History/Politics
India A Short Cultural History H.G Rawlinson History/Politics
Imperialism and Revolution in South Asia - Kathleen Gough and Hari P. Sharma History/Politics
The Chittagong Hill Tracts Militarization Oppression and the Hill Tribes - History/Politics
Gandhi and King Dialogue on Non- Violence - History/Politics
Indira Gandhi My Truth Emmanuel Pouchpadass History/Politics
Punjab, The Fatal Miscalculation Perspectives on Unprincipled Politics Patwant Singh, Harji Malik History/Politics
Politics and Modernization in South and Southeast Asia - Robert N. Kearney History/Politics
India Against the Storm - Post Wheeler History/Politics
The Challenges of the Mahatmas - Martin Green History/Politics
An Indian Dynasty The Story of the Nehru Gandhi Family Tariq Ali/ Salman Rushdie History/Politics
An Advanced History of India - RC Majumber, H.C. Roychaudhuri, Kalikinkar Datta History/Politics
India’s Freedom - Jawaharlal Nehru History/Politics
Gandhi - A Memoir - William L. Shirer History/Politics
Gandhi, Selected Writings - Ronald Duncan History/Politics
Sarvodaya – It’s Principles and Programme - M.K. Gandhi History/Politics
Coolie - Mulk Raj Anand History/Politics
Gandhi - George Woodcock History/Politics
The Life of Mahatma Gandhi - Louis Fisher History/Politics
Freedom and Culture - Sir S. Radhakrishnia History/Politics
Mother India - Katherine Mayo History/Politics
Ruling Passions Sex, Race and Empire Anton Gill History/Politics
The Discovery of India - Jawaharlal Nehru History/Politics
Behind Mud Walls - William and Charlotte Wiser History/Politics
Explosion in a Sub-continent - Robin Blackburn History/Politics
India File - Trevor Fishlock History/Politics
Pakistan Old Country/ New Country Ian Stephens History/Politics
The Government and Politics of India - W.H. Morris – Jones History/Politics
Nehru A Political Bibliography Michael Bresher History/Politics
May You be the Mother of a Hundred Sons A Journey Among Women of India Elizabeth Bumiller History/Politics
Oppression in Punjab A Citizens for Democracy Report To The Nation - History/Politics
Nehru A Political Biography Michael Edwards History/Politics
India: The Siege Within Challenges to a Nation Unity M.J. Akbar History/Politics
The Crisis of India - Ronald Segal History/Politics
The Ordeal of Love C.F. Andrews and India Hugh Tinker History/Politics
Indian Army in East Africa (1914-1918) - S.D. Pradhan History/Politics
Sri Lankan Tamil/ Nationalism Its Origin and Development in the 19th and 20th Centuries A. Jeyaratnam Wilson History/Politics
The Essential Writings of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - Sisir K. Bose & Sugata Bose History/Politics
Sri Lanka Ethnic Fratricide and The Dismantling of Democracy S.J. Tambiah History/Politics
India- The Horror Stricken Empire - George Lambert History/Politics
Years of Destiny India 1926-1932 J. Coatmon, CIE History/Politics
Caste and Kinship in Central India A Village and Its Region Adrian C. Mayer History/Politics
India, Minto and Morley (1905-1910) - Mary Countess of Minto History/Politics
India, From Curzon to Nehru and After - Durga Das History/Politics
Disillusioned India - Dhan Gopal Mukerji History/Politics
India The Modern World Sir Valentine Chirol History/Politics
The Man Who Knew Infirmity A Life of the Genius- Ramanujan Robert Kanigel History/Science
Letters of An Indian Judge to An English Gentle Woman - - Literature
Coolie Odyssey - David Dabydeen Literature
Imaginary Homelands Essays and Criticism Salman Rushdie Literature
Paths to Asian Medical Knowledge Comparative Studies of Health Systems and Medical Care Charles Leslie and Allan Young Medical
Recognizing Islam Religion and Society in Modern Arab World Michael Gilsenan Religion
Advanced Studies in Sikhism Papers at December 1988 Conference of Sikh Studies, LA Jasbir Singh Mann, Harbans Singh Saraon Religion
Talks on Sankara’s Vivekachoodamani - Swami Chinmayananda Religion
Sikh History and Religion in the 20th Century - O’Connell, Israel, Oxtoby, McLeod, and Grewal Religion
Medieval Islam A Study in Cultural Orientation A Vital Study of Islam at it’s Zenith Gustave E. Von Grunebaum Religion
The Dance of Shiva and other Tails from India - Oroon Ghosh Religion
Understanding Islam An Introduction to the Moslem World Thomas W. Lippman Religion
Fellowship of Faith and Unity of Religions - Mahatma Gandhi Religion
Sri Rama - M.R. Sampat Kumaran Religion
Hinduism - Its Historical Development - Troy Wilson Organ Religion
Hindus and Buddhists Myths and Legends Sister Nivendita & Anand K. Coomaraswamy Religion
Journey Into Consciousness The Chakras, Tantra and Jungian Psychology Charles Breaux Religion
The Teaching of Buddha - Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, Japan Religion
From Nowhere to Identity Speculations on Sources of Origin of Religions Serazul Quadar Religion
Ramayana- King Rama’s Way Told in English Prose William Buck Religion
Krishna’s –The Supreme Personality of God Head (Volume 3) - A.C. Bhakitivedanta Swami Prabhupada Religion
The Bhagawad Gita or Lord’s Song - Annie Basant Religion
Hinduism The World’s Oldest Faith K.M. Sen Religion
The Five Great Religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity Edward Rice Religion
Mahabharata Retold William Buck Religion
Muhammed His Teachings Ahmad Shafi & Yakub Hasan Religion